Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Tiger and Bull Story (Can microsoft's bull beat Apple's tiger?)

Apple is bringging out its bombproof operationg system Mac OS X 10.4 code name Tiger by mid 2005. Microsft's much awaited Long Horn is far from reality. It was supposed to be released in 2003 and now defered to 2006. The tiger runs faster than bull and Apple's Steve Jobs is all set to prove it. I am fascinated by the preview of the tiger and already thinking about switching my Dell machine. The price is the key and Steve is bent to prove it that he will make it affordable so that people who have been waiting for an alternative operating system don't stand and wait until they are completely frustrated with Windows. The OS X Panther is already selling at an afordable price of $129 for single user and $199 family pack (a price for which you will get single user XP pro upgrade only, $299 for full version) and mini mac is selling for just $499 only 2" in height. What else you need? Tiger: smart, sleek, and light weight on budget will sprint faster; Long Horn Bull, bulky is heavy on budget and nerves due to security breakdowns. let's see how fast it runs against Tiger. Would it become bearish in long run in front of Tiger's leap and pace? Bull is just snoring in the stable and is not out yet.


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