Monday, December 05, 2005

Lean and mean but powerful muscle

Wow! The European Union Farmer's have a powerful Muscle although they are just 5% of the total population in Europe. That is the economics of interest groups.
Lean and mean, but not very popular THESE days, farmers account
for only about 5% of the population of Europe. Yet they manage to cause an astonishing amount of trouble. Few can boast of dismantling a McDonald’s and dumping the rubble in front of the town hall, as José Bové, a French farmer, famously did in 1999. But as a group, those who work the land have nearly succeeded in derailing the World Trade Organisation’s latest round of
negotiations. These have all but ground to a halt over the European Union’s refusal to consider deeper cuts to its lavish farm subsidies. And as the EU heads into an important summit next week, Tony Blair, Britain's prime minister, will try to keep Europe's farmers from taking the Union’s budget to pieces as well.


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