Sunday, January 08, 2006

When Democracy Died in Wilmington, N.C.

I guess this is how blacks were forced into poverty and destitution otherwise how come a community that was known for hardwork and extraordinary labor on plantations was unable to come out of state of despair.
When Democracy Died in Wilmington, N.C. - New York Times: "This rosy version of Carolina
history turns out to have its bloody side. A draft of a voluminous report commissioned by the North Carolina legislature has recently outlined a grotesquely violent and stridently racist version of state history that rivals anything ever seen in the most troubled parts of the Deep South. The report, by the Wilmington Race Riot Commission, has thrown a klieg light onto a coup and riot that were staged in Wilmington, N.C., in 1898 - and that still have an evident impact on the political landscape of the state."
More can be read at North Carolina Office of Archives and History.


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